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This is completely new in the market, no one has ever seen this before, so be the first and surprise all your friends, family and followers with the coolest ball they have ever seen!

The ball lights up on your phone screen If you take a photo/video with your mobile phone with the 'flash' enabled, you can create the coolest content without any editing. Showing off your basketball skills on social media has never been more eye-catching!

The BRIGHT™ Basketball can be used both indoors and outdoors and is certainly also suitable for a game of basketball on the court! 

The BRIGHT™ Basketball is an official NBA size (Size 7) basketball. Are you a basketball player or do you just love basketball? This ball will be right for you!


The BRIGHT™  basketball is made of high-quality reflective leather with a holographic effect and has the feel and grip of a normal basketball. The ball appears black when it is completely dark and no light is shone on it, but when you take a photo/video with a flash it will light up on your phone screen.

The ball is also luminous and you can see it with your naked eye when, for example, you are playing basketball outside during the day!

We know what a difference a good basketball makes to the game, so we spent months perfecting the BRIGHT™ basketball

We promise you that it plays as well as it looks, get yours today!


BRIGHT is doing its utmost to bring the most innovative ball to the market and we want to make sure you can be part of it without any risk. Here's how: 

We offer 24/7 ticket and e-mail support, please feel free to contact We are ready to help you :)

BRIGHT™ Basketball

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Our viral BRIGHT® ball uses holographic technology to project a holographic image whenever it comes into contact with light - like the flash of your mobile phone camera. So when you snap a picture/video of the ball, it'll appear to be glowing on your phone screen. It's a super cool effect that's sure to grab everyone’s attention!

Experience boundless excitement with the versatile BRIGHT® ball, designed to be your go-to option for both indoor and outdoor play!

No matter if you're on the pitch or in the comfort of your own home, BRIGHT ball adapts to any setting

Maintaining the vibrant appeal of your glowing ball is a breeze! Just wipe it softly using a wet cloth, and avoid using strong cleaning agents or putting it in water.

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Frequently asked questions

United States: 1-3 business days

Europe: 2-4 business days

Rest of World: 3-5 business days

Free shipping for orders over $70 (Worldwide).

All orders are shipped with DHL or UPS. A Track & Trace will be sent by email after the order has been processed.

The basketball net absorbs sunlight during the day, and at night, it naturally fluoresces, creating a captivating glow without the need for additional power sources.

Yes, our basketball nets are designed with 12 loops, making them compatible with standard basketball hoops commonly found in school playgrounds and public outdoor leisure basketball setups.

Our glow-in-the-dark basketball net is constructed from a combination of cotton and nylon, ensuring sturdiness and resistance to rust or breakage, making it more durable compared to other nets.

No, this luminous basketball net operates without the need for electricity or batteries. It relies on solar energy, as it absorbs sunlight during the day to shine brightly at night. This not only saves on energy costs but is also environmentally friendly.

While the glow-in-the-dark feature works best when exposed to sunlight, you can use the net indoors; however, it may not produce the same glowing effect as it would outdoors during the night.